ZEN-NOH Oishii WAGYU from JAPAN | 全農 おいしい和牛


  • Environment

    Japan have brilliant four seasons

  • Grading system

    The Japan Meat Grading Association

  • Trace ability

    The Japan Livestock Industry Association
    Each cattle have own ID#, traceable from born to your dishes
    For safety and improvement

Selecting the best cut for cooking

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Chuck Roll

An excellent cut boasting succulent, fine texture and moderate fat content. Uses include varieties of thin-slice cookery such as sukiyaki, shabushabu and stir-fries, as well as moderate thick cuts for Japanese BBQ which produces a richer flavor.

Shoulder Clod

A darker lean meat with moderate toughness and little fat, this portion retains great taste nonetheless. Great for a range of dishes, the inherent strong flavor makes it ideal for steaks and barbequing, while the full flavor and high collagen content makes it ideal for stews and curries.


Located next to the chuck roll, this is a darker lean meat possessing grainy, tough traits. Boasting full flavor and high collagen content, this cut is good for cutting into cubes and stewing as well as dishes incorporating minced, chopped or hashed meat.

Chuck Tender

A rare commodity, this cut only allows for around 2kg of meat per head of cattle. With fine marbling on the inside section, this cut produces a superb light taste enhanced between bites. Perfect for Japanese BBQ and roast beef.


A deep-layered section of lean meat and fat content, this is a marbled portion boasting excellent rich flavor. In addition to being ideal for thinly-sliced Japanese BBQ or grilled dishes, this portion cut into cubes makes for great stews or pot-au-feu.


Although this cut is rather tough possessing a large amount of fiber, it is a full-flavored portion high in gelatin and rich in taste. Ideal for stews, pot-au-feu or making soup stock.


In comparison to other cuts, this portion is the most tender boasting fine texture with little fat content. Occupying a small section, this cut only allows for a small portion per head of cattle. Ideal for steaks, steak tartar, bi-fu katsu (deep-fried beef cutlets) and grilled dishes.


A superb cut possessing excellent red-coloring coupled with fantastic marbling traits. Fine-textured and tender, this portion is perfect for roast beef, steaks, sukiyaki and shabushabu.


This is a tender, fine-textured marbled cut boasting excellent aroma and taste. Top-grade for steaks and fantastic for sukiyaki and shabushabu.

2 Rib Short Rib

Although this is a grainy portion high in fiber and membrane content, this cut is blessed with fantastic richness while providing a moderate balance between lean meat and fat. Great for grill and BBQ dishes including steaks and Japanese BBQ.

Short Plate

Although grainy, this cut provides a full, rich flavor with a moderate blend of leanness and fat. Perfect for thinly-sliced meat dishes including Japanese BBQ, sukiyaki and shabushabu.

Gooseneck Round

Moderately grainy, this cut is a tough portion with little fat content. Ideal for cutting into cubes and stewing or thinly-slicing for sukiyaki , shabushabu and stir-fries.

Top Round

Although this cut is a lean portion with low fat content and somewhat grainy, it is nonetheless tender. Boasting the delicious taste true to good meat, top round is great for steaks or roast beef and ideal for Japanese BBQ or using in stews.

D Rump
(Sirloin Butt & Top Sirloin Cap)

The most prized portion amongst lean cuts, sirloin butt is a tender meat with minimal fat content. Fantastic as steak, Japanese BBQ or in stir-fries and great for a range of other dishes including stews and so forth. Boasting full-richness, top sirloin cap is perfect for steaks, Japanese BBQ or stews.


Although the outer layer of this cut is somewhat grainy, this portion is extremely lean and boasts a fine texture on the inner region of the thigh. The central portion is tender and great for steaks and roast beef. As the outer layer is somewhat grainy, it can be cut into small pieces and used for Japanese BBQ or in stir-flies.